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Stolen from: :icontwisonshadsilvamy:

(/) You are tall and/or skinny 
(x) You like to draw a lot
() You like making videos
(x) You are interested in urban legends and the paranormal
(x) You have pale skin 
(/) You like going outside
() You tend to stalk people
(/) You get irritated very easily
(/) You always tend to be in a bad situation when it happens
() You would go in an abandoned building
Total: 5

Jeff the Killer
(/) You tend to be insane
(x) You would do anything to protect your siblings 
() You are anti-social 
(/) You smile a lot
(x) You burned yourself once 
(/) You like knives (daggers to be exact)
(x) You have a breaking point
(x) You have brown or black hair (natural hair color is brown)
(x) You had gotten into a fight once 
() You don't like sleeping
Total: 6.5

BEN Drowned
() You hate/are scared of water
() You hacked someone before 
(x) You like to mess with people 
(x) You like to play video games
(/) Legend of Zelda is one of your favorite series
(/) You are a serious person 

() You listen to music in reverse 
(/) You prefer spending time alone 
(/) You get scared easily
(x) You spend a lot of time on the internet
Total: 5


(/) You love dogs more than cats

(/) You get depressed a lot
(/) You have nightmares sometimes
(X) You like scaring people ((:iconhellyeahplz:))
() You have a stone age computer somewhere in your home
() Literature is one of your hobbies
(/) You can't keep secrets very well
(/) You always get things done on time
(/) You are very intelligent 
() Siberian huskies are one of your favorite breeds
Total: 4

(/) You have an evil personality 
() You hate almost everything
() You have betrayed your friend(s) once 
(/) You don't care what other people think of you  (i don't like making a complete fool of myself)
(x) You believe in God 
(/) Sonic the Hedgehog is one of your favorite series
(x) You had thoughts about torturing someone
(/) You don't listen to other people when they tell you don't do something
(/) You laugh at people's pain ((sometimes >:3 ))
(x) You like horror movies 
Total: 5.5


(/) You are generally a happy person
(x) You prefer to work in a group rather than alone 
(x) You love cupcakes
(X) You don't get phased by gory stuff 
(/) Pinkie Pie is your favorite pony
(/) You sometimes force people to do things
() You like the color pink
(X) MLP:FIM is one of your favorite series
(x) You get angry when something doesn't go your way
(X) You have been betrayed by friends/a friend
Total: 7.5

Jane the Killer
() You are a sarcastic person
() You are very opinionated
() You love your little sister with all your heart (don't have one unless you include dogs)
(x) People have called you beautiful
(x) If someone had messed with your family you would gladly seek revenge
(x) You have an enemy
() You get into a lot of fights with that enemy
(/) You are a follower
(/) People make fun of you and tend to not like you
() You are homosexual
Total: 4

I'm... :iconpinkamenaplz:
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: American dad
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


Custom made
Tropical Night *adoptable**closed* by crystal23dragon
Hanalulu adoptable by crystal23dragon
Icolin Violin *adoptable* by crystal23dragon
All customs will be between 20 to 60 points.


crystal23dragon's Profile Picture
Sarina Mae Tucker
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hello my name is Sarina, you can call me crystal if you like. I am a very nice person but when it comes down to total idiot jerks things will get serious. I'm still in high school (a freshman to be exact) and I love to draw. I love to read manga, watch MLP:FIM, and watch anime. To my friends they think I'm a therapist when their down in the dumps and that's totally fine to me. If you need to talk to someone talk to me. And i'll generally do nice things for you guys like do free commissions when I want to, If I ask you if I could do a commission for you then its for free! If you ever need me don't hesitate to message me. I'll always be on deviantart. If you don't get a response from me within a few days then its probably because I'm really busy or sick (possibly grounded). Well talk to you all later!


Pony Spike Stamp by jewlecho Shadowbolts Stamp by jewlecho Why walk when u can bounce by kohakuhoshi Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho
Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho Pinkie Pie Stamp by jewlecho NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE VAMPIRES by endler


*DA Family*

Sisters: :iconelaina246: :iconraydays: :icontwisonshadsilvamy: :iconmagickitten6464:

Brothers: :icondarkcylian: :iconlorddazaov:

Mother: ?

Father: ?

Princess Cadance flying by Botchan-MLP Princess Luna (Season 2) flying by Botchan-MLP Princess Luna (Season 2) idle by Botchan-MLP Queen Chrysalis idle by Botchan-MLP Discord idle by Botchan-MLP Sweetie Belle Scoot by StarStepPony
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i'm trying buy more adoptables

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Yeah, um hello. I see your icon was COPIED by mine that I make.I would like for you to remove it, please. It pretty much stealing. It's THEFT.
Sorry if you took time tracing it. Remove it, if not I can contact dA for you stealing/copying my art..

Good bye
crystal23dragon 1 day ago  Student Artist
actually I'm not the one who made it my friend here : :iconmonster1777: made it. and also I don't understand why me. there are plenty of other people using this icon. If you contact me you have to contact the others because it is not fair to me.
And I pointed you out since I noticed you with the icon. Can you PROVE to me that Monster1777 made it, please? I checked their gallery.

Oh, and change you icon, it's still theft if you made it or not since you are using it.
crystal23dragon 1 day ago  Student Artist
okay, if I pay you the right amount of points could I still use this for my profile? She never told me who made the actual icon.
(1 Reply)
Sorry, I didn't know. They ripped me off, sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;

I'll contact them right now
crystal23dragon 1 day ago  Student Artist
its alright, stuff like this happens a lot.
GamingGoru 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
crystal23dragon 1 day ago  Student Artist
no problem! :D thanks for the llama! :D
MerlinkPa 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the many favs and watch! :D
crystal23dragon 2 days ago  Student Artist
no problem! :D
FaizRover 2 days ago  New member Student Filmographer
Dear user, I will be planning on deactivating my old account, RockyleRick. I have moved to this current account 4 weeks earlier to start over again. If you want to see more new fan art, make sure you check out my current account.

And also I'm doing some requests if you're interested. But you better hurry, only 5 slots available.
Mrowka333 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch :3
crystal23dragon 2 days ago  Student Artist
no problem! :D
TheShaniaSaur 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! so i wondered since you gave me a commision would you like one in return? :)
crystal23dragon 2 days ago  Student Artist
sure! :D thanks!
TheShaniaSaur 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
wanna give me some details so i can get straight to work? :3
crystal23dragon 2 days ago  Student Artist

Breed: Pegasus
Coat color: dark purple
Mane color: midnight blue with aqua
eye color: magenta
cutie mark: 3 animal bats

Name: Midnight Flight

Thanks! :D
(1 Reply)
SolarMoonX2 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello We have not talked in a long time. BTW is your webcam Fairy tail?
crystal23dragon 5 days ago  Student Artist
yes and yes! :D
SolarMoonX2 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! so you like fairy tail?! :D
crystal23dragon 5 days ago  Student Artist
yup I do. I love it, even though I haven't seen all the episodes. I only saw like 50 of them because Netflix only has 50 of them.
(1 Reply)
spiritdustofficial1 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey did u know theres free premium now
crystal23dragon Apr 8, 2014  Student Artist
yah, but it expired today. It was only for one day.
fluffypuppy2002 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
How do I start a donation pool I don't know how me still new to devianart
crystal23dragon Apr 1, 2014  Student Artist
you have to go to your home page and look up at the right hand corner where it says edit page. click on edit page and look for donation pool. you don't need premium membership to get the donation pool.
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